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Business Law Attorney Offering Business, Financial And Contract Litigation Services

Steven M. Hamburg is known in the Missouri courts for his ability to represent clients from both sides of the courtroom in a diverse range of practice areas. His experience in litigating cases involving both the federal government and private industry gives him insights into how statutes and regulations affect contract law. This knowledge and experience gives him great insights into defeating the opposing counsel’s strategy and achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.

An Experienced Attorney For All Business Litigation Needs

Mr. Hamburg has extensive experience in many facets of business litigation and has represented individual shareholders and members of limited liability companies in the following matters:

  • Disputes relating to ownership
  • Company management
  • Contract disputes
  • Prosecution and defense of claims for money owed
  • Representation of businesses in contract disputes

While Mr. Hamburg is well-known for his ability as a litigator, he is also well-versed in alternative dispute resolution methods including arbitration and meditation. Not all disputes are best resolved by going to court. If an alternative method is in the best interest of his client, Mr. Hamburg ready and able to take that course of action.

Representing Clients In Government Contract Litigation

The law firm of Steven M. Hamburg, P.C., has decades of experience in the government contracting process. Our legal team has built relationships within federal government agencies providing complete counseling and litigation services, including:

  • Negotiation
  • Contract performance
  • Contract claim
  • Litigation

We can step in to offer legal assistance at any point from negotiating to contract to contesting payment on deliverables.

Providing Banking And Financial Litigation And Arbitration Services

Our litigation practice includes representing both borrowers and commercial lenders. We understand the requirements and approaches to secured lending and financing. Our firm handles a wide variety of arbitration and trial matters for banks and individuals in litigation and provides professional services to those who provide or receive financial services.

Enforcing Non- Compete, Non- Solicitation And Non- Disclosure Agreements

Our non-competition, non-solicitation and non-disclosure enforcement experience begins with representing clients who seek to protect themselves from unfair competition by individuals who might misappropriate customers, clients, vendors and suppliers.

We also represent clients who might misappropriate trade secret information or seek to solicit away employees. Our work includes drafting provisions for employment contracts and other agreements, as well as litigating claims of clients against individuals or companies that have violated non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements.

If You Are Involved In Lawsuits Or Contract Negotiations, Contact Attorney Steven M. Hamburg

For representation from one of St. Louis’ most experienced trial attorneys, contact Steven M. Hamburg by calling 314-710-3147 or filling out our online contact form to set up an initial consultation.